BOERUM HILL - A deli in Boerum Hill is protesting its rent hike in a unique way.

Jesse Itayim, owner of Jesse's Deli, says he has been paying rent of $4,000 a month to his landlord for the past five years.

He says recently his rent more than doubled, to $10,000 a month.

In order to show his outrage over the huge increase, Itayim posted signage for "artisanal prices" on all the products he sells at the deli.

The prices for the items on the signs have increased to match his proposed rent hike. For example, one sign reads "Grass-fed tuna: $10," even though he charges $4.50 for tuna.

Itayim isn't actually charging his customers the increased amount on his signage, but rather he says it is to demonstrate how landlords take advantage of gentrification and drastically increase rent.

His neighborhood is also supporting the battle and together they've started a petition with hundreds of signatures.

News 12 reached out to the landlord Bilger Design and Development, who has not responded at this time.