BROOKLYN - The man responsible for allegedly throwing a molotov cocktail inside a Borough Park mini-mart is now behind bars. 

Police sources say that 35-year-old Charles Diaz was arrested after turning himself in Thursday night, almost 48 hours after throwing a fiery explosive into the bodega while the clerk was behind the counter. 
The arson suspect was caught in action on surveillance video, both inside and outside the Fort Hamilton Parkway corner store at around 2 a.m. Wednesday. 

Authorities say Chavez got into an argument with the store clerk about an hour before the attack. The 34-year-old worker, who suffered minor injuries, told News 12 that the suspect had asked to come back and pay for several items later, but he told him no. 

Peter Castro, owner of a neighboring business, says the clerk is a well-known and beloved member of the community who is friendly and nice to everyone. 

Diaz's mother says she did not think her son was capable of such action and calls the situation "a tragedy."  

Diaz is facing several charges, including attempted murder, assault, arson and criminal possession of a weapon.