BOROUGH PARK - Mayor Michael Bloomberg has pledged to plant a million trees in the five boroughs by 2017, but some Brooklyn residents aren't too excited by the plan.

Silvana Malcaus is one of several Brooklyn residents along 59th Street that is critical of the new trees that were recently planted as part of the city's Million TreesNYC plan. The goal of the plan is to make the city greener and more environmentally sustainable.

Malcaus remembers when she first saw the new tree in front of her house.

"I saw that tree and I jumped," she says.

Critics of the program say city officials haven't fully considered all the problems caused by new trees, including the narrowing of sidewalks and busted curbs.

"Basically, we have enough trees already here," says one resident. "Why do we need more?"

Neighbors say they circulated a petition asking for the city to move the trees soon after they saw crews preparing to plant them back in February. They say they deserve a voice in what happens in their neighborhood.

News 12 Brooklyn - reached out to the mayor's office for comment, but has not received a reply.