BROOKLYN - The borough president's office hosted a special lunch for some of Brooklyn's senior citizens at Kingsborough Community College in Manhattan Beach Wednesday.

The event, called "Seniors by the Sea," was meant to honor the hundreds of thousands of seniors living in the borough on fixed incomes, despite the ever-increasing cost of living.

As the borough's demographics change, the seniors were honored for staying in place. Brooklyn's population is expected to grow to 410,000 by 2030, according to city officials. That represents a 45 percent increase since 2000.

Borough President Eric Adams called for upgrades to buildings that aren't "senior friendly" and the construction of communities where seniors can "age in place."

He met with seniors at the event to discuss how the city may stay a senior-friendly place in the future.

Adams says that there are already free services available to seniors, and those services will have to expands as the population does.