BROOKLYN - Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams appeared in Bed-Stuy Wednesday to urge residents to take action against growing abuse of K2, a form of synthetic marijuana.

Adams handed out fliers at the intersection of Broadway and Myrtle Avenue, warning residents about dangers that accompany use of the drug. 

Police say that on Tuesday, 33 people were hospitalized after overdosing on K2 in the neighborhood.

Witnesses said they saw victims lying on the sidewalk, shaking and leaning against trees and fire hydrants near Broadway and Myrtle Avenue.

Police say the victims were taken to Woodhull and Wyckoff hospitals and did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

Even though selling K2 is a misdemeanor in New York City, some stores continue to sell the drug. 

In a related but not directly connected move, law enforcement agents also teamed up with the Department of Health and Consumer Affairs Wednesday afternoon to launch a series of inspections aimed at cracking down on retailers. Three people were arrested. Officials say the arrests were not K2-related, but rather due to untaxed cigarettes and forged tax stamps.

Authorities say that due to the tax-related offenses, they now have justification to search the stores for synthetic marijuana.