BOSTON - Boston remains in mourning for the three people who lost their lives Monday while cheering for runners at the famous marathon finish line.

Hundreds of people gathered Tuesday night for a candlelight vigil to honor the youngest victim of the twin bombings, 8-year-old Martin Richard. Loved one describe him as a sweet and vivacious boy who loved to run, climb and play sports like soccer, basketball and baseball.

The second victim is 29-year-old Krystle Campbell, graduate of Medford High School in Massachusetts. She had gone with her best friend to take a picture of the friend's boyfriend crossing the finish line, family members said.

The third victim has been identified by a state-run Chinese newspaper as a Lu Lingzi, a Chinese graduate student at Boston University who is originally from China's northeastern city of Shenyang.

More than 170 people were hurt in the bombings. Doctors who treated the wounded corroborated reports that the bombs were packed with shrapnel intended to cause mayhem.

President Barack Obama will travel to Boston Thursday to attend an interfaith service in honor of the victims.

AP wire services contributed to this report