EAST NEW YORK - A 10-year-old boy says his school didn't do enough to stop him from being bullied, leaving him suicidal.

Terrell Brown is no longer a student at P.S. 13 in East New York, but he and his mother remember the two years of bullying that they say led to him changing schools.

"He got stabbed with a pencil, scissors," said Mildred Pryor, who is Terrell's mother. "He'd come home with pinch marks all over his back." 

Tired of what she described as a constant battle with the school and with her son saying he thought of ending his life, Pryor pulled Terrell from the school. "Nobody should be bullying anyone," says Terrell.

Diall Duke, 18, attended P.S. 13 many years ago, and he says he was also bullied.

The Department of Education didn't answer specific questions about Terrell's allegations of being bullied. Instead, it said, "There is absolutely zero tolerance for anything but a safe and supportive learning environment."

Parents across the city filed a class-action lawsuit last week over bullying. They want educators to get better training to deal with bullying.