BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn mother says a bus driver dropped her son off at the wrong house.

Josiah Pucha's parents say their son is nonverbal and has autism, making them even more furious that their son was put in a dangerous situation.

"On July 28 my child was coming back home from a center base program for early intervention and he was supposed to be dropped off at a certain time at my residence, but he didn't come home until 7 p.m.," says Joysank Castillo, the boy’s mother.

She says her son should have been home from his program at Thursday's Child in Staten Island by 6:30 p.m.

Castillo says she found out from another parent that the bus driver tried to drop her son off at a different house in a different neighborhood.

She says she was so disturbed by the incident that she has pulled her son out of the early intervention program and he is now receiving home services.

A spokesperson for Thursday's Child says, "The bus company is assigned to us by the city of New York to transport our students and we have no say in that assignment and no control whatsoever over the actions of the bus company."

The spokesperson added that the school is investigating the incident.

The Department of Education says, "This is a serious allegation and we are investigating the matter. The safety and security of our students is our top priority."