BROWNSVILLE - Brownsville commuters should receive free fare transfers between two key subway stations, according to Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

The Livonia Avenue L subway station is just a block from the Junius Street station for the 3 train, but commuters who want to transfer between the two have to pay again.

Riders said paying twice means more money coming out of their pockets.

Adams and members of the Riders Alliance group want to change that. They spent Thursday morning speaking with commuters and collecting signatures.

About 5,000 riders use the stations daily, said Adams. In November, the MTA promised to fund a station connector between Junius Street and Livonia Avenue, but that hasn't come to fruition.

Free, out-of-station transfers are available to riders in Manhattan. "Brownsville should not be treated differently than the Upper East Side of Manhattan," said Adams.

An MTA spokesperson says the vast majority of customers who make that transfer have unlimited ride MetroCards.

Work is planned for the L line that could see it shut down between Brooklyn and Manhattan for more than a year.