BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn woman matched some of New York's neediest children with generous donors around the city to provide Christmas gifts this year.

Gina Argano, who founded the Holiday Angel Project, collected letters to Santa from children in homeless shelters across the city in November. Donors and volunteers helped turn those lists into personalized gifts.

She calls the donors Angels, and says some of the people help her shop for gifts in person, while others have them shipped to her apartment for distribution to the children.

The gifts are carefully sorted and labeled, she says.

"We know that Santa doesn't make mistakes, so we have to make sure everything is done perfectly," Argano says.

The foundation threw a Christmas party, and invited the children, a DJ and Santa Claus himself.

Although Argano organized the event, she says it required the generosity of many other people to work out.

"I wouldn't have been able to do it by myself," she says. "I put one post on social media, and here we are with all of this."

The thousands of donated gifts left children smiling ear to ear for the holiday.