BROOKLYN - Maria Campanella, of Bensonhurst, may appear like an ordinary Brooklyn resident as she gets ready for work.

But Campanella doesn't just have an ordinary job. She's carrying on a legacy, driving around the borough delivering sweet swirls of satisfaction just like her father did decades ago.

She says her father drove an ice cream truck in Brooklyn for decades and that's why she does it. 

With a picture of her late father placed inside the cabin of her tiny blue truck, Campanella says in a way, he still gets to enjoy the many rides he took all those years ago.

"I always wanted to be like my dad. I just adored him, everybody loved him," she says.

Campanella says ice cream is universal, and it makes people happy. 

"The kids love it, the bells, the whole atmosphere of the ice cream truck. It's just a magical thing," she says.

And so for at least a while, her father continues to enjoy the ride. One he can only share with his daughter.