BROOKLYN - As Breast Cancer Awareness Month winds down, News 12 spoke with a survivor who says there is life after being diagnosed.

LaToya Williams, of Canarsie, was diagnosed with breast cancer Oct. 9, 2007 -- shortly after her 30th birthday. She found a lump in January 2007 about the size of a pea, and by August, it was the size of a walnut.

At the time, she thought cancer equaled death because both of her grandmothers died from breast cancer.

Her outlook on the disease began to change after she started focusing on positive thoughts about her situation. She even made a list of all of the wonderful things she wanted to do after she beat cancer.

"Cancer made me more courageous and daring, making sure I live life to the fullest," she says.

Williams now works with the American Cancer Society to make screenings more affordable and accessible, as well as inspiring others to live.