BRIGHTON BEACH - Several businesses in Brighton Beach got a surprise visit from city inspectors Thursday, but instead of receiving tickets for violations, owners were given a free lesson on how to avoid fines in the future.

The Department of Consumer Affairs educated owners on violations that they were unaware of, so business owners can be prepared the next time they get a surprise visit from a city inspector.

"We're not issuing violations, our inspectors are going to be going door to door and pointing out where there might be a violation and educating the businesses and sharing a lot of material with them," says Alba Pico, of the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Inspectors pointed out ways different businesses were not compliant with city law, which would usually result in a violation and possible fine.

Inspectors also informed small business owners about the different programs the city offers to help them grow their businesses, as well as reminded them about the city's paid sick leave law.