BROOKLYN - Dumar Scott has not seen the comfort of his own bed for more than two weeks.

Instead, the 36-year-old has been sleeping on the tiled lobby floor of the six-floor apartment building where he lives on Linden Boulevard in Flatbush.

Scott has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, so he relies on the elevator to get up to his top-floor apartment. He has no way of getting up several flights of stairs on his own. Since his building's elevator has been down for repairs, he has not been able to use his bathroom, sleep in his bed, or cook meals.

Tenants say they understand that the elevator needs repairs, but say there should be accommodations for someone in a wheelchair who lives on the sixth floor.

Scott admits that he owes some rent money, which he promises to pay soon. But he says it's no reason for him to suffer.

"Please fix the elevator so I can go home," he said, "because this is unsanitary."

News 12 reached out to the building's management company, but has not yet heard a response.