BROOKLYN HEIGHTS - A group petitioning a building from obstructing the view of the historic Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Skyline in Brooklyn Heights was back in court Wednesday.

Steve Guterman, the founder of Save the View Now, says the group is filing a suit against the owner of a penthouse, which they say illegally intrudes about 20 feet into the Brooklyn promenade scenic view district. Guterman says the view is supposed to be protected, but continues to be violated. 

However, back in June after a previous claim, a judge allowed Toll Brothers and Starwood Capital group to resume work at Pier 1 inside Brooklyn Bridge Park, which Guterman says obstructs the iconic views of the historic Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Skyline.

In a statement, the developer says they were happy with the court’s decision. "Findings of fact that confirm the Pierhouse development complies with the height restrictions imposed on the project, which were adopted after years of extensive community review and input."

But Guterman replied by saying, "This is potentially smaller than some of the major violations that happened on the big building, but it still [is] a violation and we think that the views from this Parkland were really protected and their regulations should be followed and they should be followed."

Guterman says the fight to save the view is not something he or his group plan to give up anytime soon.