BROOKLYN - Animal shelters around Brooklyn stressed the importance of adopting disabled pets Tuesday as part of National Specially-abled Pets Day.

Officials at the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition Shelter on Wythe Avenue say they house several animals with health problems who could still become someone’s loyal companion.

They say National Specially-abled Pets Day was started to educate the public about caring for disabled pets. 

Another Brooklyn-based no-kill shelter, AMA Animal Rescue, says it also has several special-needs animals available for adoption. 

Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition Shelter founder Vinny Spinola says he hopes the disabled animals at the shelter can find a home that caters to their needs. 

"I think it's good because a lot of people don't realize that they need a home too, and living in a shelter is a stressful environment for them, living with a lot of other dogs," says Spinola.

Spinola advises those who are looking to adopt a dog to visit their local shelter.

"Come down to here or your local shelter and you know when you're going to adopt, think of them too, because they need a home," says Spinola.