BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn artist is one of just 8,000 people in the world who were chosen to take Google's latest high-tech, high-profile gadget for a spin.

Jennifer Delilah is testing out Google Glass before it hits shelves. The gadget has been called a computer you can wear, or a smartphone for your face.

The fine artist from Williamsburg says she's using it to help her create time-lapse images of her work. And while she admits it takes some getting used to, she thinks it could one day become a useful piece of technology for everyday life.

"I think people are going to be using it for more communications," says Delilah. "One of the things I like about it is when I went to a concert the other night and I wanted to take a little video of my friend singing, I didn't want to be one of those people holding up their phones."

Google has not yet announced an official release date, or how much it will cost. The beta testing version costs $1,500, but the company is expected to release a more affordable version for consumers.