BROOKLYN - The death of a Brooklyn bicyclist on the Manhattan Bridge has sparked questions about bike path safety.

Sam Hindy, 27, and a friend were pedaling from Manhattan to Brooklyn Nov. 16 when police say they mistakenly entered the upper roadway, which is reserved for cars. Hindy tried to turn, but his front wheel hit a concrete barrier and he fell through a crack onto the lower level into oncoming traffic.

The death has fellow bicyclists outraged. "You're on your own," said Brian McCloyd of biking across the bridge.

"It seems like maybe that's where the bike lane would be at some point, but it never happens," said bicyclist Bryan Sykora.

State Sen. Eric Adams, who admitted he also gets confused even though he's an experienced bicyclist, is blaming the lack of signs and misleading signs for the death. He's sent the NYPD and Department of Transportation a letter urging them to post better signs.

Sam Hindy was the son of the owner of Williamsburg's Brooklyn Brewery.

AP wire reports contributed to this story.