BROOKLYN - The dwindling industrial space in New York City is hampering the efforts of the Williamsburg-based Brooklyn Brewery to expand its facilities.

The brewery has been making and selling beer for the last 12 years, and the business appears to be booming. That is why its owners decided to build a bigger warehouse and expand production.

But after five years of fruitless searching, the brewery still cannot find a new location in the borough it is named after.

?I think it would be very disappointing to our customers if suddenly Brooklyn Lager would become New Jersey Lager,? says Steve Hindy, the owner of Brooklyn Brewery.

The brewers are willing to shell out $15 million for a new place, and with the new expansion, they expect to add more jobs and double their production.

So far, however, they have been rejected several times. Hindy says property owners have lost sight of economic growth that comes with manufacturing.

?Brooklyn is developing so quickly that I think people kind of lost their bearings,? Hindy says.

Hindy is currently looking into some potential locations in Red Hook. And while he is not considering the possibility of leaving Brooklyn, Hindy says ironically there have been offers from New Jersey, the Bronx and Long Island.