CONEY ISLAND - A bus company in Brooklyn is installing safety alarms on all of its buses after a disabled child was left alone on a bus.

Police say 4-year-old Kamaal Richards was trapped on his bus after the driver and matron failed to perform a check of the vehicle. Now, the owner of Thomas Buses is doing everything he can to ensure a similar incident doesn't occur with one of his drivers again.

Thomas Buses owner Richard Castellano is spending $15,000 to outfit all of his 38 buses with a safety system. Castellano says the system forces drivers to check the bus once the engine is turned off. According to Castellano, the system sounds a reminder when the driver turns off the bus. The driver then has 10 seconds to get to the back of the bus before an alarm goes off.

"You can't miss it - but it's mainly for the driver - that he can't leave without walking to the back of the bus," Castellano says.

Castellano and his drivers hope that other bus companies take his lead and install safety alarm systems.

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