FORT GREENE - Riders on the B38 bus line say they have been dealing with major delays ever since limited bus service was added to the schedule, and now they are asking the MTA to get involved.

During a Thursday night meeting, angry commuters in Fort Greene complained to MTA officials that they often have to wait for up to half an hour for a local bus while several other buses pass them by.

?At a local stop you see lots of buses pass you by,? says Tammie Swoopes. ?They're full and crowded, and you wait a long time.?

After limited buses were added to the B38 line, making their number equal to that of local buses, riders say schedules started to fall apart.

?I need to come up with an alternate plan so I can get to work,? says commuter Kim Edwards.

Unlike local buses that drop off and pick up passengers at every stop along the route, limited buses make only a few select stops.

MTA officials acknowledged the problem and promised to make changes. The MTA originally planned to survey the B38 line at the beginning of next year, but after being bombarded with complaints, the survey will be completed as soon as possible.