BROOKLYN - It's a reunion that's been nine months in the making. Figaro the cat is finally going to be reunited with his family.

Rob Jost and his family, who live in Brooklyn, adopted Figaro in 2005. Jost says Figaro would go out every night and return home every morning. He says one day he just never came home.

Figaro lived on the streets for seven months before being rescued by an animal shelter volunteer in the Bronx. He then spent two months at the shelter and was given the name Eric.

"He was completely emaciated because he was on the streets for so long," says Pedro Roasario, president of New Beginnings Animal Rescue. "He's 18 years old, he has no teeth so anything he found on the street he would just swallow."

Rosario says Figaro's micro-chip wasn't working at the facility, so it wasn't until he was taken to the vet that they were able to figure out who the owner was.

Jost says he is so excited Figaro is coming home and will be able to meet his son who was born in September.