BROOKLYN - Straphangers and community leaders held a rally Tuesday at the East New York bus depot to protest the MTA?s proposed plan to eliminate the B25 bus line.

The B25 is one of six buses that have been placed on the chopping block by the MTA in an effort to close its $1.2 billion budget gap. However, residents say the bus line is critical to seniors who rely on it to get around on a daily basis.

?I guess I'll have to use the A train, but like I said, it's difficult going up and down the stairs,? says George Saunders, of East New York.

Councilman Charles Barron (D) joined community leaders at the rally in hopes of saving the line.

?The way you treat seniors and our youth is a direct reflection of the health and priorities of a society,? Barron says. ?This is outrageous and unacceptable.?

Civic leaders are expected to march the entire route of the B25 line on Feb. 21 to protest the MTA?s proposal.