BROOKLYN - The journey taken by Caitlyn Jenner in her transition from Bruce hit close to home for some people in Brooklyn.

The world was officially introduced to Caitlyn Jenner via the cover of Vanity Fair, and she soon started trending on social media.

Brooke Cerda and Persephone Smith call themselves "trans sisters." They say that Jenner has become a role model for many in the transgender community and has opened the door for dialogue about transgender women.

However, Cerda and Smith say there is much work that needs to be done in terms of discrimination directed toward the transgender community. They say they would like to see the community be given equal rights and better medical care.

The women say that Jenner's journey and positive reception are steps in the right direction and they hope that more strides can be taken because of her.

Jenner's new Twitter account already has more than 2 million followers.