BROOKLYN - Councilman Charles Barron (D) spoke out against the Brooklyn district attorney for charging him and others with disorderly conduct for protesting against the Sean Bell verdict in May.

"This is a way for him to discourage people from participating in civil disobedience,? Barron said. ?Oh, there's definitely going to be more protests."

Barron and 28 other Brooklyn residents were charged with disorderly conduct for blocking off traffic by the Manhattan Bridge on May 7.

Among those arrested was 78-year-old Amy Olatunji, the widow of the famous drummer Baba Olatunji.

Barron called her detainment an outrage and added that Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes ?should be ashamed of himself.?

Olatunji said that police officers were forced to arrest her against their will.

"The officers, lieutenents didn't want to take me here,? she said, ?So now that tells you everything right there. They had a heart."

The DA?s office released a statement saying that all the 28 defendants without a criminal record, including Barron, will be issued ACDs or Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal. According to the statement, the charges will be dropped if a person doesn?t get arrested in the next six months.

Olatunji and Barron are due back in court September 10. They demand all the charges against them dropped without ACD.