BROOKLYN - The word "Brooklyn" is quickly becoming a brand as more companies use the name to sell their products.

The borough was a very different place back when Brooklyn Brewery started 26 years ago, but founder Steve Hindy was determined to include the name on his beer.

Brooklyn Industries was also at the forefront of the phenomenon. The clothing and retail store started 13 years ago out of a factory in Williamsburg, but the owners never realized the name would be such a hit.

From the BQE, to Gowanus and Prospect Park, the company plasters Brooklyn neighborhoods and designs all over their apparel. Lexy Funk, founder and CEO of Brooklyn Industries, attributes the success of the borough as a brand to its "amazing diversity."

With people sporting Brooklyn Nets gear and neighborhood logos on T-shirts, Brooklyn has become synonymous with being hip. Different companies in other states and other countries are also cashing in on the trend.

There is a Brooklyn Diner in Dubai, a Brooklyn Water Bagel Company in Florida and in Sweden, Brooklyn is all the rage.