BROOKLYN - One year after a tornado tore through Brooklyn, some of the families that lost their homes in the disaster are returning to their normal lives.

Last August, the twister, moving at 135 miles per hour, ripped the roof off the Bay Ridge home of Anglea McCormack, flooding the rooms with torrential rain.

When the winds finally died down, the house at 68th Street was left so structurally unstable that McCormack and her daughter, Susan Fedele, were forced to move out and spend the next seven months away from home.

?When someone said it was a tornado, I said, I felt like Dorothy, I said I just want to go home,? McCormack says.

The storm hit the McCormack household at the worst time- shortly after Fedele had undergone a double bypass surgery.

McCormack?s house was insured by All-State, but the family ended still up spending close to $12,000 of their savings to rebuild.

Not everything, however, could be replaced. When they returned to their damaged home, McCormack and her daughter found many keepsakes that were left in the dirty storm water unrecognizable.

?You'd open the drawer and everything was full of mold, you had to just pick it up and throw it out,? McCormack says.

McCormack says that although the restoration of the house is not complete, and there is still much to be done, it feels nice to wake up and be home.