BROOKLYN HEIGHTS - Brooklyn residents took part Sunday in a walk they say is an appeal for ending Middle East violence.

The group, which went from Cadman Plaza to Central Park, decided against any chanting, choosing to walk in silence. Organizers of the walk say any proceeds generated by the walk will be donated to American Near East Refugee Aid, a group that helps impoverished families in Palestine.

Israel waged a 22-day war meant to end rocket fire on southern Israel from Hamas-ruled Gaza. Cease-fires declared by both sides last week ended an offensive that killed some 1,300 Palestinians and wounded thousands, according to Gaza health officials, and inflicted widespread destruction in Gaza. Thirteen Israelis were also killed, according to the government.

On Sunday, Hamas officials in Cairo proposed ayear-long truce with Israel and an opening of the crossings intothe Gaza Strip.

AP wire services were used in this report.