BROOKLYN HEIGHTS - A contest to name a meadow near the Brooklyn Bridge has been called off after a movement to name it after a local wartime photographer killed in Libya gathered momentum.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy held the contest to rename the lawn area at Pier 6 in Brooklyn Heights. The movement to name the area after Chris Hondros, of Brooklyn, who died two years ago prompted the group to call off the competition.

"While we very much appreciate the desire to honor Chris' memory, we are also keenly aware that there are so very many deserving and special Brooklyn residents to memorialize and pay tribute to," the conservancy said in a statement. "The naming of one lawn for one person does not seem fully inclusive of the larger community."

Park officials say they are reaching out to the Chris Hondros Fund to find another way to pay tribute to him.

Hondros' fiancee thanked the community for their support, but says she understands the decision.