BROOKLYN - Residents in Brooklyn Heights are fighting to save their view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

They say their view of the bridge is being compromised by a new development that would add another foot to its project at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

"Save the View Now" has been fighting to preserve Brooklyn Height's view since last December. The group says that the new developments by Toll Brothers should not exceed the height restriction agreed to by the community. The community agreed to 55 feet at one building and 100 feet at another, but Toll Brothers has gone past that, making the project 130 feet.  

"These specifications were put in place so that we can get clear views of the entire roadway of the Brooklyn Bridge from the Brooklyn Promenade," said Steve Guterman.

So far, Guterman's group has successfully slowed down the project by halting construction of the penthouse at the new building, but the decision to knock down a few floors from the development is in the hands of a judge.

News 12 Brooklyn reached out to Toll Brothers and Brooklyn Bridge Park regarding the issue, but they have not responded.