BROOKLYN - Brooklyn has become a trendy borough whose name can make or break a product, so some companies are turning to a label to help consumers identify authentic Brooklyn products.

The Green Mustache specializes in pre-packaged smoothies. The company operates out of Williamsburg, and it recently gained the "Brooklyn Made" designation on the label of its bottles.

"It's all about where you're making products, where you are employing people," says VanTrang Manges, the company's chief executive. "We put the certification on our website and on our bottles, and it's great because there's such broad recognition for things that are made in Brooklyn."

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce runs the Brooklyn Made program, which it started about two years ago with approximately 40 businesses. That number has grown to approximately 200 companies. A board reviews applications.

"Every single day we receive applications for food and beverage and apparel and things that we had not even heard of before that are being made right here in Brooklyn," says Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President Andrew Hoan.

Manges says she appreciates that the chamber is helping provide local businesses with another connection to customers.

The chamber says the Brooklyn Made certification is evolving, and it hopes to branch out to digital products.