EAST NEW YORK - The owner of a private parking lot in East New York was arrested Wednesday for allegedly stealing city land.

Police say the suspect, Darren Miller, turned 4 acres of city-owned property into an illegal parking lot, which he has been operating for the past decade. During that time, police say he earned up to $100,000 a month.

But Miller?s attorney says his client is a legitimate entrepreneur who is entitled to the land based on squatters? rights.

People who have been parking their cars and trucks at Miller?s fenced-off lot say the businessman charged them $200 a month.

?We paid the guy on a monthly schedule,? says Jennifer Nilove, who has been parking her truck at Miller?s lot for the past three years. ?No one knew anything was wrong.?

In the course of Miller?s arrest, police say they found several stolen cars on the contested property and discovered evidence of illegal dumping.