CANARSIE - The Brooklyn man seen on the Internet being attacked by a group of teen girls on the subway has come forward to press charges at a father's urging.

Rafael Cruz, 27, filed a complaint with the NYPD Transit Bureau Monday, owning up to the fact that he was the man seen being beaten by girls on and Cruz was taunted and then attacked on the A train in October.

Keith Belvin, the alleged ringleader's father, publicly asked the victim to come forward so his daughter could learn a lesson.

"You made mistakes, own up to [them]," Belvin said of his daughter, 18-year-old Keira Brown. "Use it as an excuse to change your lives, because you can't tell me you're happy with being on a train victimizing somebody."

Police did not start investigating the attack until Cruz came forward Monday because they said they had no victim. Officials were also skeptical about whether the video was real or a hoax.

The MTA maintains subway crime is at a historical low.