BROOKLYN - ? Police are investigating after a 24-year-old Brooklyn man claimed a group of police officers sodomized him at the Prospect Park subway station.

Michael Mineo says a group of officers sodomized him with a walkie-talkie on the platform at Prospect Park subway station on Oct. 15. Mineo?s lawyers say the police officers chased Mineo into the station and attacked him. According to them, he spent several days in the hospital following the incident.

An NYPD spokesperson issued a statement which says, "Police officers grappled with an individual who they observed smoking marijuana after he had fled and resisted being handcuffed. His assertion that he was sodomized is not supported by independent civilian witnesses on the scene."

The NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau and the Brooklyn District Attorney?s Office are investigating the incident.

Mineo and his lawyers will speak out about this incident on Rev. Al Sharpton?s radio show Saturday morning.

The Brooklyn District Attorney?s Office has set up a hotline and asks that anyone with information please call 718-250-2759.