BROOKLYN - Halloween may have come and gone, but a Brooklyn artist has a use for pumpkins all year round them as canvases for art.

Brooklyn Heights resident Hugh McMahon, who has carved pumpkins into intricate masterpieces for over 30 years, recently got his hands on the second largest pumpkin in history. It weighed 1,662 pounds, took three hours to clean out and five to carve. McMahon carved a scary sun face on it, he says, in ?dishonor of global warming.?

McMahon says he has developed many of his own techniques. He carves portraits of famous people into pumpkins and has created works for a number of celebrities including Emeril Lagasse, Barbara Walters and Conan O?Brien.

A display of McMahon?s pumpkins will be at the Chelsea Market in Manhattan until Thanksgiving.

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