BROOKLYN - A tattoo artist is out of a job after a photo of his dog with a tattoo on it began circulating around the Internet.

Instagram user "Mistah Metro 7" posted a picture of his dog with a tattoo of a heart with an arrow through it on the picture-sharing site, claiming he had done the tattoo while the dog was under anesthesia at the vet.

The photo began circulating around the Internet and the Brooklyn man has now been fired from his job at the Red Legged Devil tattoo parlor as a result of the controversy.

Many residents say the incident is unforgivable and brutal. One resident said the man does not deserve a dog, and his should be taken away.

Another resident says if the animal didn't feel any pain, they don't see an issue with it.

The Instagram user fired back by citing that the ASPCA uses tattoos to identify dogs that are spayed and neutered. The ASPCA responded by saying the incident is in no way comparable to the small mark left on an animal for identification purposes.