BROOKLYN - They quietly sit in the shadows of a backyard, waiting patiently for their next meal. As one unassuming fly gracefully lands on the base of a neon green-colored plant, it is quickly trapped and devoured. 

Venus fly traps don't typically grow in New York, but one Brooklyn man is changing that. 

Domonick Gravine loves plants, he's been growing them in his Bushwick backyard greenhouse for years. 

But they aren't just any kind of plant. They are carnivorous. 

"I love plants so much they are bizarre, natural works of art from nature," he says.

With a greenhouse filled to the brim with exotic, carnivorous plants, most of his neighbors unlikely know what’s lurking in his backyard. 

Gravine recently cared for a Voodoo lily, likely the only one to have ever bloomed in Brooklyn since the plant is native to warm subtropical eastern counties like Asia, Japan, China and south Indonesia. 

Voodoo lilies are similar to the infamous corpse flower and play a vital role in the ecosystem of Gravine’s greenhouse by attracting flies for his other plants to eat with it's unique stinky odor.