BEDFORD-STUYVESANT - Some Brooklyn mothers want people to know that breastfeeding isn?t just healthy for a child ? it?s a mother?s right.

Moms in support of breastfeeding held an awareness walk Friday. They want health care providers to be required to inform expectant mothers about the benefits of breastfeeding before and after delivery.

Advocates say breastfeeding can lead to family bonding and smarter children. They also believe it can help fight obesity and reduce the risk of some common childhood infections, such as asthma and diabetes.

Despite the benefits of breastfeeding, there are some challenges. One breastfeeding mother says the beginning is the most difficult because it can be hard to support the baby and find the right position.

Organizers say they want all Brooklyn hospitals to take part in the baby-friendly program, which would encourage new mothers to try breastfeeding within an hour of giving birth.

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