BROOKLYN - As members of a Brooklyn church lifted their voices in prayer and song Sunday, their pastor called on South Carolina's governor to bring about reform in the wake of a racist attack at a Charleston church.

Congregants at the House of the Lord on Atlantic Avenue said they were saddened by the shooting. During the service, mourners prayed for the nine people whom Dylann Roof is accused of fatally shooting because he believed that black people were "taking over the world," according to documents in the case.

"We've gotten better, but obviously we haven't gotten as far as we think we have," said churchgoer Bianca Jackson.

From the pulpit, the Rev. Herbert Daughtry called on South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to console the victims' families with these meaningful words: "We are looking to do all that we can to take guns out of the country," he said. "We understand that people want to carry guns, but there must be some way that we can find to keep guns out of the hands of certain people."

Daughtry also believes that it is time to put the Confederate flag to rest. "I was there some years ago to march against the flag," he said. "It will be mighty comforting today for the governor to say, 'We're going to remove this to a museum, put it among the relics.'"

Until that day happens, the pastor and his congregants said they will keep praying for change.