BROOKLYN - Brooklyn residents are stocking up on supplies ahead of what could be the region's first major snowstorm of the year.

Stores are stocking shovels, snowblowers and calcium chloride ice melt to help clear sidewalks.

Alan Butrico, who owns the Brooklyn Best Locksmith And Hardware Store in Flatlands, says residents are better off with calcium chloride than rock salt.

Rock salt, which is cheaper, can damage the pavement and also burn the paws of dogs that step in it.

Butrico says this week has been his busiest of the season so far, and that he expects even more sales as the snow starts to fall this weekend.

But Lawrence Mach, owner of Coney Shack, Yelp's most popular restaurant in Brooklyn, says his business might close down if the snowstorm is too troublesome.

"We'll come back strong the next day," he says.