MIDWOOD - A Brooklyn woman says she received a letter from the city telling her that she was deceased.

Selma Cohen, an 87-year-old cancer patient, says the letter also informed her that because she was allegedly dead, she would stop receiving payments from Medicaid and Medicare.

Cohen says she depends on those payments to cover her cancer treatments. She says she has had cancer twice and goes to the doctor often for checkups. Without Medicaid, she says there's no way she could pay for the visits.

She says she is also afraid it could lead to other complications.

"If I'm supposed to be deceased, then Section 8 is not going to pay the rent here for a woman that's not here any longer," Cohen says. "Where am I going to go?"

Cohen says she called the Social Security office but can't get an appointment there for another two weeks.

News 12 Brooklyn reached out to the Bureau of Fraud Investigation, which says it is looking into the matter.