CONEY ISLAND - Some residents and local lawmakers in south Brooklyn want the MTA to make several service improvements to the area, including express service on the F line.

Lawmakers and residents continue to say the south Brooklyn area is in desperate need of express F line service. 

People in the area also want more express bus service and an elevator installed at the Neptune Avenue train stop. Residents say the train stop sits in the middle of several high-rise buildings, where many seniors and people with disabilities live.

“It is simply impossible or cost prohibitive to make every station accessible.  Focusing on the key stations allows us to focus precious resources on stations that will have the most impact - stations with higher ridership and/or that serve as key transfer points.  Neptune Avenue does not fit these criteria,” says the MTA in a statement given to News 12.

The MTA says it is looking into possible express service on the F line, but says it would be difficult to implement.

"We will continue to work closely with elected officials and local stakeholders to discuss potential service changes and improvements, but we simply can't implement all of them," says Kevin Ortiz, MTA spokesman.