CONEY ISLAND - As the temperature climbed to the high-80s, some Brooklyn residents headed to the Coney Island boardwalk to soak up the sun on Wednesday.

Elisha Ivory, of Coney Island, said she stepped out the door wearing pants, but the warm weather convinced her that it was time to show her legs and head to the beach.

With the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day, around the corner, many people had the same idea. The boardwalk and beach were packed with people eating, tanning and having fun. Most of the beachgoers were in T-shirts and shorts. 

Christopher Inga, of Coney Island, and his friends played volleyball.

Cynthia Watson, of East Flatbush, said she appreciated the warm weather because there have been many chilly days this spring.

"We're at Coney Island every summer, so this is the best way to kick off my birthday," said Justina Santiago.

While the temperature was higher than it had been for most of the season, the ocean was still chilly.

Summer starts June 20.