BROOKLYN - Students at I.S. 318 returned to school Tuesday morning after having more than a week off due to swine flu concerns.

The school was shuttered after some 50 students fell ill with flu-like symptoms, although no swine flu cases have been confirmed at the school. I.S. 318 Principal Fortunato Rubino says the entire school has been disinfected and that the bathrooms will be cleaned throughout the day Tuesday.

On the first day back, members of the school band headed on an overnight field trip to Pennsylvania. As parents sent kids on their way, some expressed concerns about germs spreading in the close quarters of a charter bus.

"He has sanitizer, a few different face cloths, and I told him not to touch anything unless he has the sanitizer because I don't need him getting that," says parent Joan Piwonski.

Rubino says the current school year will not be lengthened to make up for missed school days, but students will be getting extra assignments.