BROOKLYN - A new plan would beautify the green space from Borough Hall all the way to Brooklyn Bridge Park, proponents say.

The plan's organizers from the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership call it "Brooklyn Strand." Community Board 2's parks committee and the Cadman Park Conservancy are also on board.

The parks in the area have been well-maintained over the years, with some of them undergoing major renovations in just the last decade, but supporters say they want to transform them into marquee destinations.

The plan would provide facelifts to the Columbus, Cadman Plaza, Walt Whitman, Korean Veterans and Brooklyn Bridge parks. Several empty municipal lots and lawns would be upgraded as well.

News 12 Brooklyn spoke with several park-goers who say the parks are fine as they are, already attracting New Yorkers and tourists from all over the world.

Supporters say they will next seek support from the City Council.