BROOKLYN - The circus has arrived in Brooklyn, but at least one group of young people are asking you to reconsider taking your kids.  

Some Brooklyn students teamed up with PETA to protest the UniverSoul Circus outside Floyd Bennett Field. They chanted and held up signs, demanding that exotic animals be kept in the wild and out of the entertainment business. 

The protesters also held a bull hook in reference to a CBS Atlanta report that said Atlanta police cited a UniverSoul trainer and marketing director with animal cruelty after an elephant was allegedly dragged off stage with a bull hook. 

UniverSoul Circus responded with a statement saying in part, "UniverSoul Circus remains committed to ensuring that no acts of animal cruelty, abuse or mistreatment are visited upon any animal that travels or performs with us. We regard each of our animals as treasured members of a close-knit performing family."