BAY RIDGE - A Bay Ridge building superintendent just might be the crankiest super in Brooklyn.

Richard Martin is the building manager of 2-78 91st St., and he?s famous among residents for posting harshly worded messages throughout the building in hopes of getting his tenants to clean up their acts.

?Last week I swept up chicken bones, rice, tomatoes, peppers and they don?t care,? the 71-year-old Martin said. ?They?re pigs.?

Signs bearing phrases like ?Last warning? and ?Learn how to read? are taped to the walls and doors of the building. Martin?s messages aren?t popular among all tenants.

?They make me crazy - for real,? said Abo Hajjat, a resident.

Martin even moved six trash cans inside the building?s entrance because he says tenants have been ignoring his calls to properly sort garbage, particularly recyclables.

Some residents who know him, though, can put up with his well-intentioned crankiness.

?He?s always like this. He?s always in the streets screaming about people, about the Foodtown,? said Hajjat. ?Always.?