PARK SLOPE - Following Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin?s speech at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night, some independent voters in Brooklyn say they are one step closer to making a decision.

Palin accepted the historic nomination as the GOP?s first female vice presidential candidate, stressing her expereicne as a small-town mayor and ripping into Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama in the process.

Ann Donohue, of Bay Ridge, says she was swayed by Palin?s rhetoric.

?She's a breath of fresh air,? Donohue says. ?I think she speaks to many women in America and I think she represents the future.?

Jim Maroosis, also of Bay Ridge, heaped accolades on Palin, saying she has a wit and soul that represent a slice of America rarely seen in New York.

But not all undecided voters are convinced that the 44-year-old governor of Alaska is qualified to play second fiddle to the president of the United States.

?I don't think she has any background or sufficient experience in running the country yet,? says John Petruski.

Still, Palin?s wide appeal got local Obama supporters worried they could lose key votes in the upcoming election.

?Last night I wondered if that would happen, but you really have to wait and see what happens in the debates between Biden and Palin,? says Sara Caro, of Park Slope, referring to the Democratic vice presidential candidate, Sen. Joe Biden, of Delaware.