BROOKLYN - A young Brooklyn woman is proving that any obstacle in life can be overcome with a positive attitude.

Tara Accetta is preparing to handcycle the Spinal Cord Injury Awareness 5K this weekend to raise awareness about spinal cord injuries.

This will be the first 5K that the 22-year-old is participating in, and she is doing it without the use of her legs.

Tara suffered a spinal cord injury after diving into the shallow end of a pool nearly three years ago. The injury left her paralyzed from the waist down. Even though she can't walk, she focuses on what she can do thanks to therapy.

"NYU Rusk changed my life, occupational therapy and physical therapy. You know, people in chairs have this negative stigma about them that they can't do anything or that life isn't the same. Life is exactly the same, life is exactly what you make it," she says.