FLATBUSH - As gun violence escalates in Flatbush and surrounding areas, a Brooklyn youth group is banding together to bring peace to the borough.

The Flatbush Youth Council's push for unity comes after a 25-year-old was killed in Flatbush earlier this week.

They sprang into action by drawing pictures of peace and love at the victim's memorial site. They also decorated a tree with paper doves.

Some local business owners even allowed them to put messages of peace on their windows.
The Flatbush Youth Council started planning the event on Wednesday, after the shooting occurred.

They started the council two months ago, which is comprised of high school students.
People in the area say that the group sets an example that others should follow.

Keith Rogers, 23, supervisor of the group, says that they are implementing other ways to discourage violence in the community.

They have plans to talk to elected officials going forward.